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Joanna Barclay is a published author and global speaker on cultural transformation, building high performing workplace cultures, and conscious value-based leadership and is a new face in the conference marketplace. She is an award winning consultant with over 3 decades of success facilitating the transformation of leadership teams and organizations. With 15 years teaching yoga and meditation, she is passionate about self-mastery, mindfulness, and personal development. The inner transformation required to lead outer transformation.

Audiences love the energy and passion Joanna has for people and her work which focuses on how to bring engagement and happiness into the work environment. Her specialty is speaking at global conferences, awakening leadership potential to make a difference by caring for people, profits and the planet.

Joanna recently moved back to Canada from Singapore where she lived for 5 years.  Looking for a speaker to inspire new thinking and conscious leadership to meet the challenges of the 21st century?

What are people saying?

"Joanna is Ted Talk quality and her idea is worth spreading."

CC Puan – CEO Packet 1, Mobile Telecommunication, Malaysia


"It was a great session and a perfect way to wrap up our conference. I’ve received many notes of appreciation today. Your contribution to the development of our leaders is truly appreciated!"

Lori Arpin – VP Communications, General Motors, Shanghai, China


"FWA had the pleasure of having Joanna address our members on three occasions now. Each time her talks have been energizing and engaging. Her recent talk on Culture and Workplace Happiness was well received. Joanna listens, and the result is an attendee experience that is customized and unique, conveying the message of how to transform a workplace into a happy, high performing environment."

LOW Chin Loo – FWA Exco Member and Events Chair, Singapore


"I must thank you for a very useful session. Let me also share that I really enjoyed the energy, clarity and people engagement. I see cultural transformation as key to the success of any organizational development effort because how an organization performs is ultimately down to its people and how they perform."

Raja Kumar – Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore

"Joanna exudes passion, enthusiasm and energy in her delivery, constantly engaging with the participants to ensure their understanding, inspiring their participation and inclusivity."

David Hsiao – Managing Director, Ardentec, Singapore

Key Facts


  • CEO – Culture Leadership Group

  • Global Speaker at conferences, corporate events, and leadership development seminars

  • Author of acclaimed book “Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership”

  • Art of Happiness, Yoga, and Meditation Teacher with the Art of Living Foundation whose mission is to reduce stress, violence and disease in the world

  • Member of CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

  • Member of Keynote Women Speakers

  • Leadership Consultant transforming teams, leadership and workplace culture resulting in high performing, value-driven organizations

  • Certified Professional Facilitator accredited by the International Association of Facilitators and Certified Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitator by the Institute of Cultural Affairs


  • Canadian Director of the gold standard in leadership development programs TLEX Program (Transformational Leadership for Excellence)

  • Expert in large scale information management and technology transformation.

  • Graduate of the National Training Laboratory (NTL) Organizational Development program.

  • Certified Core Strengths Consultant, Level 1 & 2.

  • Bachelor of Administration from the University of Ottawa, Honors in Management of Information Systems.

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Keynotes on Leadership & Cultural Transformation
Conscious Leadership Through Values
Empowering Human Connection in Times of Disruptive Change

Corporate culture and leadership are the top HR concerns of leaders today, when it comes to addressing declining employee engagement, decreasing productivity and looking for ways to increase the bottom line. What is the cause of this and how can leaders be the change they wish to see?

On the road to success, leaders are parking their CARE car in the parking lot (Compassion, Authenticity, Relationship Building, and Empathy) and not bringing all of their people skills into the workplace. The impact of this is a work environment which is missing human connection and is a major cause of disengagement, low productivity and disease… Dis-Ease!

Joanna awakens leadership to the importance self-awareness, knowing who they are, the values that inspire and motivate high performance.  Consciously leading with values for greater fulfillment, to drive performance and tap into the collective wisdom to bring out the best in people. Leaders learn how to connect the head and heart increasing well-being, engagement and productivity, realizing human potential, and building sustainable, values-driven organisations.

  • Courage, inspiration, and positive energy to lead change

  • Emotional fulfillment for more joy and happiness

  • Greater self-awareness and awareness of others, developing connections, trust, and mindfulness

Who Benefits?
  • CEOs

  • Business Owners

  • Managers

  • Staff

The Journey is the Goal
Conscious, Values-Based Leadership in Building a Culture
Key Learnings
  • The values you choose to live define and give direction to the journey.

  • Being the role model while you walk the talk.

  • The life force energy in values awakens and empowers human potential, increasing employee engagement and high performance.

  • Creating culture consciously happens through conscious conversations with conscious leaders.

  • Leadership from the head and the heart is a sustainable source of inspiration and motivation to support leading cultural transformation.                              

It is the enjoyment, fulfillment, growth and progress towards achieving our full potential that is the juice of life. To achieve this state, we must have a mindset and appreciation of the journey to the goal, rather than a sole focus on the goal itself.  If the path embarked upon is values-based, then we have consciously conquered the competitive need to be the best in the world, to become the best for the world. There is no more negative stress. Everything we do is fun, inspiring, and joyful. This creates a conscious workplace culture where staff are disciplined and take responsibility. So enthralled by their work they do not want to go home at the end of the day. Engaged in learning and experiencing their full potential, where the whole organization becomes high performing.


In her talk, Joanna shares her experience in leading the Conscious Leadership with Horses program, and 3 decades of leadership success in business transformation from her book, Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics and Leadership.

Awakening the Corporate Soul
The Power of Building a Conscious Culture

Organizations are quickly changing how they operate in the world.  In the wake of these changes, how people work together and collaborate is essential to their future success. Values guide and motivate our behaviour. 


  • What new behaviours are you looking for, and which values are associated to them? 

  • How can leaders build a conscious culture, one that is values-driven and empowers employees to reach their full potential? 


Awakening the corporate soul takes place when we can live into our values consciously.  Connecting the head and the heart in all you do.

Joanna provides a powerful framework for cultural transformation, where leaders learn how to create a conscious values-driven culture by tapping into the wisdom of the organization to create an integrated, holistic employee experience. Ensuring cultural alignment for strategic success.

  • Become an employer of choice to attract, engage, and retain top talent

  • The leadership and culture necessary to create a conscious workplace to support collaboration, mergers, and digitization

  • How to create cultural capital, your competitive advantage and the new business paradigm of the 21st century

Who Benefits?
  • CEOs

  • Business Leaders

  • Managers

  • Staff

Get Connected
Grow a Desired Team Culture

A workshop designed to empower teams, and help them grow a desired team culture. Investing time to connect the people to the team challenges, stakeholders, and to themselves is vital for successful performance. The importance of growing a shared culture is foundational for building trust and increasing productivity.

Building a High Performance Workplace Culture
How to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity to Support Service Excellence,
and High Performance

This workshop will help you to awaken the life force energy in values that fuel employee engagement and productivity; Building a people-centered workplace culture consciously unleashes the potential within your organization, creates a workplace that is healthy, happy, engaged and productive, and an environment that provides winning conditions for its leaders, employees, customers, key stakeholders and the planet.

According to Gallup Research, in North America employee engagement is between 26 – 30%, in Europe, between 13 -18%, and in Southeast Asia, between 6 – 12%. With a one million dollar HR budget, that’s $700,000 spent on disengagement. That’s a huge amount of untapped employee potential that organizations are paying for but not realizing!


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