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The Culture Leadership Group (CLG) is a corporate leadership consultancy. We deliver value well beyond simple cost savings using collaborative tools to leverage client strengths, engage employees, and increase the speed of implementing change.


With our network of experienced change leaders, we help companies become more competitive and profitable. We also help them learn how to work more effectively together to bring out the best in individuals, teams and the whole organization.

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“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

- African proverb


Joanna Barclay is a published author and global speaker on leading transformational change, building high performing workplace cultures, conscious value-based leadership and is a new face in the conference marketplace. She is an award winning consultant with over 3 decades of success facilitating the transformation of leadership teams and organizations. With 15 years teaching yoga, breath, and meditation, she is passionate about self-mastery, mindfulness, and personal development. The inner transformation required to lead outer transformation.

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To create healthy, productive workplaces where people are engaged, empowered, contributing and making a difference for positive change.

Our vision: 

To provide corporate leadership consulting and development, helping leaders transform their teams, leadership and culture.  This results in high performing, values-driven organizations that fuel employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

Our mission:

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