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Create a Conscious Culture and Values-Driven Organization

As the world rapidly changes, forward-thinking organizations are putting a greater emphasis on improving team effectiveness, workplace culture and leadership development. At Culture Leadership Group, we work with clients in a wide range of industries to create collaborative and engaging workplace cultures, led with intention and purpose. 

Collaborative Connections 

Get Connected

Working with horses is a path to self-awareness and well-being. Our Collaborative Connections team building, and leadership development workshop aims to build stronger, more connected teams, leaders, and a workplace culture that empowers your team to reach its full potential.  Located at the Willaway Farm, just 30 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario.


Keynote Speaking 

with Joanna Barclay

Courage, inspiration, and positive energy are the foundations for leading positive change. As a published author, global speaker, and award-winning consultant with over three decades facilitating organizational transformation, Joanna Barclay’s inspirational keynote talks provide insight and inspiration to awaken leadership consciousness and engage high performance.  

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Image by Annie Spratt

Lead with Awareness and Connection

The world today faces complex change. To achieve business goals in this climate depends on a new leadership paradigm. One where leaders are embracing collaborative values-based decision-making, connecting to a higher purpose greater than profit alone, acting in service of the greater whole. They recognize the role of culture, identified by the organization's values, principles, and practices. Conscious leaders purposefully cultivate a conscious culture that takes care of the well-being of people, profit, and planet and where employees can bring their full selves into work. In this kind of engaged environment, retention and burnout cease to be an issue because employees are operating at their full human potential, energized and passionate about their work.

Culture Leadership Group is ready to guide you on this journey to achieve business success and build a sustainable future for all.

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