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Close Up Radio Spotlights Joanna Barclay of Culture Leadership Group
and Conscious Leadership with Horses Program
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The world today faces complex changes. To achieve business goals in this climate will depend on a new leadership paradigm. Conscious leaders are making a move from "me" to "we", embracing collaborative values-based decision-making. They are connecting with a higher purpose greater than profit alone, acting in service of the greater whole.


They recognize the integral role of culture, the organization's values, principles and practices. A conscious leader will purposefully cultivate a conscious culture that takes care of the well-being of people, profit and planet and where employees can bring their full selves to work. In this kind of engaged environment, retention and burnout cease to be an issue because employees are at their full human potential, energized and passionate about their work.

Culture Leadership Group is ready to guide you in this journey to achieve business success and to build a sustainable future for all.

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What are our clients saying?

Christina Lu

Senior Vice President, HR & Communication,
Volvo Group Trucks Asia & JVs

An excellent facilitation by Joanna to our top 100 leaders from Volvo Group Trucks Asia & JVs. The leaders had a valuable session building values-based leadership to drive a high performing culture and promote high team engagement thereby leading to positive business results and contributing to customer success.


CC Puan 

CEO Packet 1, Mobile Telecommunication Company, Malaysia

My personal compliments to Joanna. She managed to engage my entire team and shake off the notion that culture is soft stuff. In fact, she’s Ted Talk quality and her idea is worth spreading.


Richard Thivierge

Chief Information Officer,
Transport Canada

Thank you for your tremendous support, time and effort you devoted at helping me with this transformational initiative. Your level of energy and engagement are truly inspirational!


Yemi Tépé

Partner, Morrison & Foerster  LLP

We chose Joanna as our guest speaker because at MoFo we share her passion for “Conscious Values-Based Leadership” believing that it not only builds a positive and cohesive workplace culture but also delivers better results to the bottom line. Joanna’s presentation and the panel discussion that followed were engaging and inspirational. 

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