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Conscious Leadership Transformation

What is the mind? Vibrating consciousness.

The organizational values of individuals have energetic resonance

to create the future.

Consciousness creates matter. Gita Bellin

My husband and I have been married for twenty-seven years. Like many long term relationships we have had our ups and downs. During some of the challenging times, our different beliefs and values created conflict and a feeling of separation, driving a wedge in the love and connection we felt for each other. Particularly challenging conversations for us were about politics, where our opinions seemed to be polar opposites. We’d end up in conflict, with raw emotions and hurt feelings because we could not agree with each other and there was no sense of togetherness on the topic.

Have you ever had this feeling in a relationship close to you?

One day I was teaching a yoga class, feeling very grounded on my mat on the hardwood floor, calm and centered as I spoke. The theme for the day was "Skill in Action", how valuable it was to apply the skills you learn in life to all aspects of living. As I was teaching the lesson a realization began to dawn in me. Why not use all your training in human dynamics and communication to solve my own relationship problems. There was a chuckle inside my head as I heard myself laughing at how self-centered I'd been. It's one thing to teach the knowledge and another to really live it.

From that day forward I became more aware of the motivational values of people around me and what made them tick. I did a lot of soul searching on my own values. I discovered one of my top values is commitment. By living this value more authentically I recognized how much more satisfying it was to feel committed and live the value of commitment in our relationship, than it was to focus on our differences. Our different beliefs were not going to change any time soon, and, quite possibly, they exist to spark growth in each other. However, what did change as a result of the shift in mindset and focus to accepting my husband's values and who he was, was a new outlook that has made our relationship happier and more joyful.

As we develop conscious awareness of our own values, this helps us to become more conscious for the values of others, especially those we lead. One way to increase your consciousness about values is to have a conversation.

Ask people to name one of their top values:

Why this value is important to them? What they do to live this value? What is the impact living this value has on their performance at work? How would they feel if this value is stepped on or ignored?

During this conversation you will see their life force come alive, their demeanor shift, their facial features lift and brighten, and their tone of voice have more energy and life.

Conscious leadership transformation is internal. It’s a shift that happens on the inside which impacts our behaviour. This is why leaders must be the first to transform when leading change. They need to be the change and role model for others to follow.

It all starts by becoming more conscious and aware of who you are, and the values that define you. When you do, you have discovered a source of life force energy that connects to your soul, and source of joy and happiness.

Much love from Singapore,


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