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How to Manage your Mind for greater Resilience and Energy

Updated: Apr 10

Did you know that the quality of your state of mind is closely related to your level of resilience and energy levels, in any given situation?


For example, imagine you spend the day organizing a celebration or some other festive event. Even though you worked hard and did a lot of work, you still feel really energized at the end of the day. Doing something you love and are really passionate about gives you energy, rather than depleting it. This is because your state of mind has given you energy.


The opposite is also true. We have all experienced how doing something we don’t enjoy or don’t like, can be really draining, rather than energizing us. Even just sitting and worrying about something can be enough to drain your energy.


To become aware of the fact your mind is draining you of energy, you need to develop enough awareness to know what to do about it.


This is why I teach the SKY Breath Meditation, part of the TLEX Program offered by the TLEX Institute. This breathing technique gives individuals the tools to quickly energize the body, restoring peace of mind and increasing awareness.


 Breathing techniques are one of the easiest ways to bring the mind back to a peaceful state whenever it gets disturbed or loses focus. Not at school, nor at home, or in the workplace, are we taught how to calm the mind. The mind can be very difficult to manage, but through the breath, it’s much easier.


After I learnt the SKY Breath Meditation, I became aware of the impact my breath had when I got disturbed. I cannot get rid of all the stresses and frustrations that life throws at me. However, when I consciously slow down my breath and make it deeper, I can be more centred and aware, and respond instead of reacting in difficult situations.


On the course I learned the mind is like a kite and the breath is the string. Without the string a kite will fly all over the place, depending on where the wind blows. However, with the string you can control where it goes, how far, and how high.  I learned that whenever our state of mind or emotions change, the rhythm in the breath also changes, and this works both ways.


By becoming aware of the breath, and consciously changing the way you breathe, you can actually change or reverse the modulations of the mind. For example, when you are angry, your breath becomes faster and shallower, or if you are emotional it becomes shaky. While when you are relaxed and happy the inhalation is slower and deeper.


When faced with difficult challenges, if you become aware of the breath and consciously slow it down and make it deeper, you can make yourself feel more calm and relaxed. It’s why people always say “take a deep breath” when you are in an agitated physical or mental state of mind.


The main breathing technique taught on the course is called the Sudarshan Kriya, or SKY. When I first experienced this technique, I knew I had experienced something very special. It is the reason I became a teacher and have continued to teach the program since 2006.


If you can’t imagine how a breathing technique could have such an impact, watch this video to appreciate the power of the breath on our mind.


This video shares the medical benefits of the Sudarshan Kriya.


The Sudarshan Kriya –

-       Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, Stress is the cause of 60-80% all disease. 

-       Increases the natural killer cells in our immune system–  the 1st line of defence against cancer.

-       Reduces heart rate and high blood pressure

-       Simultaneously enhances – brain, hormone, immune system functions

-       Increases serotonin for greater happiness, serenity, optimism, energy levels, social connection, and quality of life

-       Sharpens mental focus, at the same time increasing a sense of relaxation

-       It develops a comprehensive strengthening of the Mind-Body Complex


If we want to have more resilience and energy, live a happy and healthy life, we must be proactive in getting our stress levels in check and increasing the wellness aspect of our nervous system.  Harnessing the power of the breath is one of the easiest ways to do this!

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the TLEX Program for your organization.

With love from Ottawa, Canada Joanna Barclay,

CEO, Culture Leadership Group

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