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A Challenge Facing Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Being a conscious leader means awakening your self-awareness and mastery, knowing who you are and living in alignment with what is most important to you. When we live in alignment with what motivates us, we experience a deep sense of fulfillment, well-being and energy.

Unfortunately on the road to success, up the corporate ladder into a predominantly male world, women are parking their C.A.R.E. car and not bringing all of their people skills into the workplace. Compassion, Authenticity, Relationship building and Empathy are viewed as potential weaknesses. The impact of this is a workplace which is missing human connection. Not being able to bring all of one’s personal values into the workplace means there is a misalignment of our personal values, and this is a major cause of employee disengagement and low productivity.

When we’re feeling disengaged we experience emotional and mental suffering, stress, leading to physical illness. Prolonged mismanagement of negative emotions is the superhighway to disease… DIS-EASE.

The values you choose to lead with are critical. They determine how people will interact, connect, and contribute to the goals you set for the organization.

Becoming a conscious, values-based leader means leading with the head and the heart. Values are the language of the heart. When lived, our values give us an unlimited source of energy and they fuel our performance.

So knowing what is most important and working together in alignment with those values is vital to you and your employees’ health, happiness and sense of fulfillment for strategic success.

Much Love from Singapore,


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