Click here to access a paper where Richard Barrett from the Barrett Values Centre shows how the Global Goals for sustainable development are linked to the evolutionary stages of consciousness and psychological growth. He uses this framework to suggest an order in which the goals can be delivered, in order to maximize the possibility for successful implementation and show why some goals are easier to achieve than others.

If we start with the simpler goals, we can build the relationships, systems and mindsets that make the more difficult goals possible.

No Point Going Halfway Video


How can YOU get involved?

  • Visit the Global Goals website to learn more.

  • Tell everyone you know: friends, family, colleagues, and customers, about the Global Goals.

  • Take a Personal Values Assessment and share the link with as many people as you can to encourage them to take it too.

  • Start thinking about which of these goals most resonate with you and how you can make a contribution through your life and work.

  • Take opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to help achieve the goals.

  • Get in touch with us and share your ideas.


How is the Culture Leadership Group and the global network at Barrett Values Centre playing their part?

Collectively, the Global Goals are about an evolution in human consciousness. This is central to the mission and vision of the Culture Leadership Group. We inspire leaders in building sustainable values-driven organizations, which consciously take care of the well-being of people, profit and planet.