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Keynote Speaking

Joanna Barclay is a published author and global speaker on cultural transformation, building high performing workplace cultures, and conscious value-based leadership. She is an award winning consultant with over 3 decades of success facilitating the transformation of leadership teams and organizations.



Workshops are a great way to bring teams together. We currently offer two options to our clients:

  • Get Connected - Grow a Desired Team Culture

  •  Building a High Performance Workplace Culture - How to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity to Support Service Excellence, and High Performance


Culture Transformation Consulting

Building a successful corporate culture has become the most significant source of competitive advantage and brand differentiation in business today. Let us help you through the process of full organizational transformation and you won't believe the difference in your staff and the bottom line. Culture IS measurable. 


Conscious Leadership Program©

Who you are as a leader, the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold, are automatically transmitted to the group through your words, behaviors and actions. Featuring our Conscious Leadership with Horses© workshop, this program is perfect for leaders who want to go to the next level. 


Personal Transformation Coaching

Personal transformation is a powerful thing and can completely change your life's path. We focus on the Barrett Values Centre's Personal Values Assessments (PVA) and Individual Values Assessments (IVA) but have other tools available including coaching by the hour.  


Meeting Facilitation

We are IAF Certified Professional Facilitators. Our expertise lies in designing and facilitating productive collaborative workshops that ensures all voices and ideas are heard.

Our team has decades of diverse experience.
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