Change is the new norm of the society and it’s having a devastating impact on organizations. In North America, employee engagement is between 26 – 30%, in Europe between 13-18%, and in Southeast Asia between 6 – 12%. That’s a huge amount of untapped employee potential that organizations are paying for but not realizing!

In Conscious Culture, Joanna Barclay shares 30 years of business transformation experience. With her ABCs of cultural change, she provides a blueprint for igniting the life force energy in values that fuel a high performing, value-driven organization.

Leaders learn the importance of transformational facilitative leadership and how to tap into the wisdom of the organization, unify employees, and connect hearts and minds, to create a culture where employees are inspired and enabled to meet the new business paradigm of the 21st century.

This book is for leaders who want to:

  • Become an employer of choice and build a high performing workplace.
  • Learn how to generate greater employee engagement and increase productivity.
  • Build a new culture after a merger or acquisition.

Conscious Culture Paperback

  • “Joanna Barclay has written an intelligent book on the culture of progressive management. She touches on important issues and proposes practical solutions. As a former senior manager in the Canadian public service and Canadian Ambassador to Japan and China I can recommend this book to managers in North America, Asia and elsewhere who wish to engage and motivate their employees in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving global markets.”

    Rob Wright, Former Canadian Deputy Trade Minister, and Ambassador to Japan and China

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