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Connecting Personal Fulfillment to Performance

Leaders get excited when they figure out ways to increase personal motivation for their employees. Why? Because external means of increasing motivation are having less impact and are being removed in times of economic restraint.

So how do you find out ways to increase people’s sense of personal motivation? Ways that will engage them more and increase their sense of personal fulfillment on the job that also increases their performance.

Believe it or not it’s very simple and very powerful.

Ask them what they value most on the job and in the workplace.

You would be amazed to find out that everyone I have asked in my seminars and workshops recognizes the leap in performance when their values are lived. And conversely, the negative impact when their values are ignored or stepped on. In fact they would not want to continue working there, and many have said they left jobs because their values were being ignored or not being lived.

As leaders we often think it is necessary to hide our human values. In doing so this contradicts the power of our emotional intelligence.

Your empathy, compassion and caring for individuals will raise your esteem in the eyes of your staff far more that being autocratic and controlling.

How? When people know how much you care, then they care how much you know. They will listen and follow your leadership because caring builds trust and trustworthiness. Have you ever listened to someone you didn’t trust? Not likely.

Our values are an incredible, untapped resource because most of us are unaware of what our personal values are. We don’t make the time for self reflection and we certainly don’t discuss them in a group setting to see how they can be connected for the benefit of all. In reality they are the one thing that connects us all and empowers each one of us.

We all get up in the morning wanting to do good, be our best, to make a difference in the world and add value to life. This enlivens us and makes us feel good. When we feel good we have a positive mental attitude.

The law of performance states: Mental Attitude x Ability = Performance

When our mental attitude is low or 0 guess what kind of performance we have? All the ability in the world (knowledge, experience, training, education etc.) won’t help you perform better when you mental attitude is in the dumpster.

What prevents us from achieving our best and feeling good at work is conditioning (or culture) and our own mental models.

Can these be changed and transformed? Yes for sure. Our own consciousness (or awareness) is the tool and the object of change.

When I am aware or conscious of something change happens. If I am not aware things continue as they were.

What new thing have you discovered today? Having an inquisitive mind, being open to information without personalizing or seeking to blame, are mindsets that allow new thoughts, ideas and possibilities to emerge.

Expanding our consciousness is a way to access imaginable ideas that have not been thought before. They empower and enable personal and corporate transformation.

If you are looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of your team or organization start by identifying the values that mean the most to people. Find out what they are currently experiencing both positive and limiting, and what they would like to be experiencing instead.

Then starting implementing 2-3 actions that demonstrate you are listening. And watch your performance improve.

Much Love,


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