Get Connected Workshop
Grow a Desired Team Culture

Get Connected is a workshop that creates those special moments in a team that we love to be a part of. Times when you felt connected to the moment, the challenge, the task, the team and yourself. It is designed to empower team leaders, and help them grow a desired team culture. Investing time to connect the people to the team challenges, stakeholders, and to themselves is vital for successful performance. The importance of growing a shared culture is foundational for building trust and increasing productivity.


Workshop Outline

  • Discussion on what makes a dream team.

  • Case study discussion on core business challenges impacting employee engagement, inclusion, creativity and productivity.

  • Deepen understanding of the values important to you and the levels of consciousness you operate from.

  • Understand the dynamics of mapping and measuring culture to support transformation efforts.


  • Teams develop a strong sense of belongingness, connection and trust.

  • Shared values of courage, energy and inspiration to build a desired dream team culture.

  • A deeper understanding of the dynamics involved to map, measure and manage a workplace culture for high performance and organizational growth.

Results from a recent study in Singapore with 200 companies revealed 9 out of 10 strategic initiatives failed because leaders didn’t focus on changing people’s behavior and how they worked together.

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