What's the new normal and 
how do we get there?

Free Virtual Keynote for Organizations

Attendance Requirement of 30+ Senior Leaders

Leading Whole-System Change

As we have all been involved with the Corona Virus, whether as a first responder, looking after loved ones getting sick, having to close your business, becoming unemployed, suffering food shortage, and social distancing.  We are still all in this together, 6’ apart.

We know there will be some changes when we get back to relative normal. How do leaders manage and implement these changes while still taking care of their most valuable resource - their employees?

In this free 40-minute keynote, Joanna Barclay will help you navigate through the organizational changes to get back to the new normal. Presenting a framework of 4-way alignment to implement changes impacting your whole organization.

Now is the time to ensure you have 4-way alignment for short and long-term survival. Your leadership, organizational values and behaviours, systems and processes, mission and vision all need to be in alignment to successfully achieve group cohesion for maximum organizational health.

In this enlightening free 40 minute keynote, Global Speaker Joanna Barclay, a recognized Organizational Culture Change Expert, CEO of Culture Leadership Group, and author of Conscious Culture, will speak on the 4-way alignment framework for leading Whole-System Change.

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