eLearning Masterclass Overview

Companies with a strong corporate culture are among the highest performing in the world. How would you like to increase the performance in your organization?

Investing in your corporate culture creates Cultural Capital - the new business paradigm of the 21st century. Your culture is a strategic, competitive advantage because it cannot be copied. Research shows companies with a strong culture outperformed the S&P500 1649% over a 15 year period.   

What if you had a process for building a high performing workplace culture step-by-step? One that would save months off from project implementation, inspire your employees and boost productivity? Interested?


The Culture Leadership Group provides this e-learning opportunity for leaders to learn why and how to build people-centric and value-driven organizations.  Being the best for the world,  attracting, engaging and retaining top talents.

Based on the award-winning, extraordinary and timely book Conscious Culture, this Masterclass captures Joanna Barclay delivering a 2-day Masters Program in Singapore, inspiring leaders  to become Employers of Choice. The Masterclass includes 9 high-quality videos, a comprehensive workbook, and 151 slide PowerPoint presentation. These resources provide a framework for new conversations, increasing awareness and consciousness to build a high performing workplace culture. Assisting leaders to engage employees, reducing turnover, and building a productive, healthy work environment that unleashes the potential of your people.

eLearning Roadmap
Day 1
  • Module 1 – ABCs of High Performance – Awareness through measurement, Belongingness through engagement, Commitment through alignment

  • Module 2 – Bridging the Cultural Divide – Values, beliefs and behaviours in action

  • Module 3 – Core Challenges – Necessity for new levels of consciousness, collaboration and interdependency

  • Module 4 – Profit and Potential of Culture Capital – The new business paradigm and competitive advantage of the 21st century

Day 2
  • Module 5 - Tools for Transformation – How to map, measure and manage organizational culture

  • Module 6 - Conscious Leadership and the Facilitative Leadership Way – Building inclusive, collaborative teams

  • Module 7 – Steps 1 – 5:- Building a High Performing Workplace – Preparation Phase of whole system change

  • Module 8 – Steps 6 – 9:  Building a High Performing Workplace – Implementation Phase of whole system change

  • Module 9  – People-Centered, Collaborative Learning Organizations  –  The organizational journey through 4 phases of development

Key Highlights
  • Understand the benefits of mapping and measuring culture to support transformation efforts and create collective action.

  • Engage in discussion on the current business challenges impacting employee engagement, retention, creativity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and the need for new levels of thinking and consciousness.

  • Learn about the evolution of "Cultural Capital", the new business paradigm of the 21st century, and the influence of values and behaviours on high performance, engagement and retention.

  • Review case studies on creating cultural capital and high performing leadership teams.

  • Gain detailed understanding of cultural transformation tools and the link between performance and culture.

  • Explore the mechanisms of conscious leadership development to develop a culture of participation and inclusiveness.

  • Apply the Personal Values Assessment toolkit.

  • Be equipped with a whole-system change approach for integrated transformation to build a high performing and values-driven culture.

Attract, Engage, and Retain Top Talent

Building a conscious workplace culture will inspire leaders to become an Employer of Choice.  Successfully achieving  business goals and guarantees to increase the engagement, performance, and productivity of your people.

Workplace culture is a competitive advantage because your culture cannot be copied. It’s created by your people and how they work together. Even more important, your culture is your brand! Research shows the highest performing organisations in the world create cultural capital by investing in their organisational culture. Companies that are consciously creating a strong corporate culture in a consistent and systematic manner over a period of several decades outperformed companies in the S&P500 by 1649%. These companies gave 26% of their time and attention to culture, more than any other category.

Why do 70% of change leaders fail? Because they do not pay attention to changing the behaviours of their people to support new strategic initiatives.  Changing behaviour means changing your corporate culture, because culture is defined by how people do things. According to a study by the Economics Intelligence Unit, 72% of leaders recognise culture is a key priority to support strategic initiatives.

Business Outcomes

Transform Employee Engagement

Gallup research has identified employee engagement and retention is at an all-time low of 26–30% in North America, 13-18% in Europe, and 6-12% in Southeast Asia. To reduce the high cost of low employee engagement and turnover, leaders benefit greatly by aligning personal values with the organizational culture to build an engaging and productive workplace environment.



Leadership development, alignment of values and behaviors, increasing self-awareness and self-mastery, enabling leaders to be more people-centered, authentic and emphatic, are necessary capabilities to increase employee engagement and productivity.


Values-driven organizations are 1649% more profitable over a 15 year period compared with the S&P 500, by delivering superior financial results and other forms of wealth and well-being for all their stakeholders.


Cultural transformation tools map the link between performance and culture providing the ability to measure the percentage of entropy – the cost of limiting values which cause frustration, lost productivity, and lost opportunity.