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Get Connected

Heart-Based Workshops with Horses for Leadership, Team Development, and Personal Growth

Building a high performing, values-driven workplace culture takes conscious leadership. Our Collaborative Connections with Horses workshop provides an experiential learning environment for leaders to enhance self-awareness, and develop the emotional and social interpersonal skills needed to lead effective and cohesive teams.

Watch our video to learn more about our Collaborative Connections with Horses workshop.

Our mission is to support personal growth,
self-leadership and the performance of your team.

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Meet Joanna

With over three decades of success facilitating organizational transformation, and fifteen years teaching yoga, breath, and meditation, Joanna is passionate about self-mastery, mindfulness, and personal development. She created the Collaborative Connections program to offer leaders a unique transformation experience, working with horses in a beautiful, natural setting.

Joanna is also a global keynote speaker and the published author of “Conscious Culture: How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership.”

Meet the Herd

Meet our herd of equine partners and co-facilitators we work with during the Collaborative Connections program at Willaway Farm. They enjoy building confidence and trust for real connection to human beings and will make your leadership transformation a memorable experience.
Equine Facilitator
Global Keynote Speaker
Published Author - Conscious Culture
Equine Partner 
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“I’ve been able to find out more about my relationship to myself and my relationship with others.”

- Natalie O'Neill T, Collaborative Connections Participant

“These animals have great love, great care and great compassion.”

- Jen Kaufman, Collaborative Connections Participant

“It’s the kind of experience I recommend everyone enjoy at some point in their lives.”

- Ron Kaufman, Collaborative Connections Participant

Program Overview

Team Building and Leadership Development



As masters of non-verbal communication and herd behaviour, horses have the power to help us build trust and connect with our authentic selves. This one-of-a-kind workshop provides leaders with a fun and experiential learning environment to build self-awareness, enhance relational leadership, and connect with team members.


Leaders learn a values-based approach to leading cultural transformation and how to apply these skills to increase employee engagement, productivity and bottom-line results. These are key ingredients to creating a great workplace culture for competitive advantage to attain, maintain and retain top talent.

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Collaborative Connections - Get Connected with Horses 

Half day, full day and two-day Leadership Development and Team Building Workshops

Executives, leadership teams, managers, and individuals

Willaway Farm, Almonte, Ontario, Canada





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Learning Objectives: 

  • Lead with authenticity and integrity

  • Use the intelligence of head and heart

  • Become mindful of self and others, acting in service of the common good

  • Cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships

  • Empower people to reach their full potential

  • Develop healthy relationships with greater connection and trust

½, 1 - 2 Day Corporate Retreats:

  • IAF Certified Professional Facilitators

  • Team Retreats: $2,400 per day
    (max. 8-10 participants)

  • Leadership/Life Coaching: $250 per hour


  • Equine Facilitated Learning Exercises

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Personal Values Assessment

We invite you to book a FREE introductory visit and come out to Willaway farm to meet the facilitators and the herd.

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Coaching Sessions

Horse assisted learning

Description and benefits:


Being on land and in nature offers a quiet reflection that nourishes and rejuvenates the heart and soul. Being with horses is a powerful and often life-changing experience. Horses provide mirrors for real-life experiences in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Partnering with a horse is fertile ground for developing new practices that rebuild trust, deepen authenticity, leverage strength-based skills, and encourage self-care. Horses require us to be present, mindful, and focused 100 % of the time. They sense immediately when we are attempting to evaluate, judge or analyze. Simply put, they are not interested when we disconnect from our body, spirit, heart, and gut. Individual Coaching sessions provide a unique experience that offers participants new perspectives, insights, and 360-degree awareness. Horses, with their exceptional ability to provide immediate feedback, are highly sensitive to energy, mood, tone, and body language, thanks to their almost unmatched mirror neurons. Unlike humans, they don't judge, evaluate, or criticize. Instead, they seek authentic, congruent, consistent cues, which create a safe and supportive environment. Being accepted and seen by horses encourages healthy and effective relationships.


Duration for Individual sessions:


Horse-assisted education program

One-on-one or Small group personal coaching sessions with horses

Duration for Group sessions:

Program objectives:

  • Enhance adaptability and response to changing environments

  • Connect with the horse's strong electromagnetic field for heart rhythm improvement

  • Enjoy physiological benefits: lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels; increased beta levels, social functioning, empowerment, trust, patience, and self-efficacy

  • Learn effective communication and personal/professional goal achievement through presence, respect, honesty, humility, and integrity

  • Increase self-awareness


Contact us to discover more about our Horse-assisted education program and take yourfirst step towards a better you.

1.5 hrs

Willaway Farm, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 days, depending on the requirements Pre-requisites: No experience with horses needed


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"I leave today with well-being thanks to the talented facilitators."

"Very grateful to be part of an awesome opportunity."

"I now have a deeper connection with animals and myself."

"Thanks to the horses who played a part in this amazing experience."

"Today I gained healing in trust issues, and self-care."

Our Collaborative Connections team building and leadership development workshops are located at Willaway Farm, just 30 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario.

"More can be achieved in working with a horse for one day, than months of talk therapy!"

Scientific Research on Horseplay


"Horseplay for Transformational Leadership Development" by John J. DuPerry examines how equine facilitated programs can support leadership development.

Contact us for inquiries or to book a FREE introductory visit to the farm
(613) 327-1801

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