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Realizing Human Potential with the
Assistance of Horses

May 2020 News
Close Up Radio Spotlights Joanna Barclay of Culture Leadership Group
and Conscious Leadership with Horses Program
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Building a high performing, values-driven workplace culture takes conscious leadership. This workshop is for executives, and leadership teams who lead and inspire others, to reach the full potential of their organizations. We provide an experiential learning environment for leaders to step out of their comfort zones and   enhance their relational leadership, team-building, non-verbal communication skills, self-awareness and well-being.

We work with horses in a natural setting, because they are masters in social intelligence, non-verbal communication, and live in the present moment. They see past our baggage, and help us to connect with who we really are, our authentic selves. When we have a clearer vision of ourselves, the world takes on a whole new perspective. We make better decisions which have a positive impact on those around us.

Leaders learn a values-based approach to leading cultural transformation and how to apply these skills to increase employee engagement, productivity and bottom line results. These are key ingredients to creating a great workplace culture for competitive advantage to attain, maintain and retain top talent.

Leaders engage in:

  • Mindfulness and contemplative practices

  • Coaching on personal values, self-expression, connection, and contribution

  • Equine Facilitated Learning

Working on the ground with such intelligent, large, and powerful creatures we gain self-confidence to develop social and interpersonal skills. Our teaching focuses on realizing human potential and building heart-based skills by developing:

Conscious Individuals,
Leaders and Teams

To realize our authentic self-awareness, nurturing presence and expanding consciousness, working with horses as sentient beings.

Invitational Approach

Deepening the connection to self, others and nature while gaining compassionate communication skills.


Contributing to the safety of one’s self, the group, organizations, and society.

The aim of the program is to develop conscious leaders who:

  • Lead with authenticity and integrity

  • Use the intelligence of head, heart and hand

  • Are mindful of self and others, acting in service of the common good

  • Cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships

  • Empower people to reach their full potential


Outcomes of this approach:

  • Healthy relationships with greater connection and trust

  • Authenticity, congruency and a deep sense of well-being

  • Positive life-affirming attitudes


We believe in the power of a values, to connect and unleash human potential. Working together, building team cohesion, connection and trust. Training the mind in contemplative practices helps leaders cultivate positive inner qualities by shifting perception inward, focusing the attention intentionally.

Participants learn how to consciously use their bright beautiful minds in service of their wise compassionate hearts!

Working with the horses you will:
  • Connect to self, others and nature for increased confidence to grow in the next of level of personal or leadership competency;

  • Increase authenticity and coherence to create greater employee commitment and trust in leadership;

  • Find a deeper sense of self and purpose in moments with horses that reveal and ignite personal fulfillment;

  • Gain intuitive and emotional intelligence, increasing heart-centered potential – the “true power” of conscious individuals, leaders and teams;

  • Learn to shift self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs, into productive, positive thinking patterns;

  • Gain proper intention, focus, and body energy to live and lead with clarity of purpose and group cohesion;

  • Expand sense of self and increase ability to be of service to others;

  • Learn to trust gut feelings and eliminate self-doubt and worry;

  • Heal body, mind and spirit to be free to live a powerful and courageous life;

  • For leaders, higher levels of engagement to develop a facilitative/invitational leadership style;

  • Ignite Life Skills, psychosocial competencies that are required to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with the United Nations:

    • Decision-making and problem-solving;

    • Creative thinking and critical thinking;

    • Communication and interpersonal skills;

    • Self-awareness and empathy;

    • Coping with emotions and stress.

Our content-rich workbook will help you along the way


Working with horses is personal development of the highest order. Not only good for leaders, everyone can benefit enormously.

Joanna Barclay recently facilitated a Mindfulness with Horses Retreat with 65 special needs children. Seeing the beautiful smiles on each child’s face as they led their horse around the arena was "magical". The goal of the exercise – to develop non-verbal communication skills in self-confidence was successfully achieved.

International publication by Joanna Barclay. An innovative coaching modality for developing Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Empowering leaders with greater non-verbal communication skills for better decision making and abilities to lead.

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Meet Ty
Professional Human Connector

Ty joined CLG January 18, 2020. He is our first official equine partner and helps us facilitate our Conscious Leadership with Horses© program at Willaway Farm, 20 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario. Ty has a real connection to human beings. A truly kind soul, he is a special horse in many ways and will make your leadership transformation a memorable experience. 

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"I leave today with well-being thanks to the talented facilitators."

"Today I gained healing in trust issues, and self-care."

"How would you sum up today’s experience? Trust!"

"Very grateful to be part of an awesome opportunity."

"Thanks to the horses who played a part in this amazing experience."

"I now have a deeper connection with animals and myself."

"Greater awareness now for the reciprocal relationship necessary for connection."

"Really fabulous experience. Genuinely made me take a closer look at how my own thoughts/behaviors affect others and reflects back on me."

Client Testimonials
Program Information

Workshop:     Conscious Leadership with Horses - The Path to Awareness and Well Being

Duration:       1-2 Day Leadership Development Workshops available
Location:        Willaway Farm, Almonte, Ontario, Canada                

                                                                "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Information: The workshop duration depends on the time and availability of the leadership team.   Expect an experiential learning workshop to explore the conscious leader within. Connecting to your inner self, and with others, in a natural setting. Engaging in equine-facilitated leadership, mindfulness practices,  and coaching on values, to build relationship and communication skills in self-expression, connection and trust.   

Investment:   1-Day Equine Workshop        Cost: $795 CAD/person   
                       2-Day Equine Workshop        Cost: $1395 CAD/person

                       Contact us HERE for more information on group rates.

Includes:        Course, Lunch, Snacks, and 99 page Workbook with Practical Learning Exercises in Mindfulness, Personal Values, and Equine Facilitated Learning to continue the learning and personal development after the workshop!

Are you ready for a fun and transformational day at the farm? 

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