Transforming Leadership Consciousness

Being the Best FOR the World, Not Just IN The World

Who you are as a leader, the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold, are automatically transmitted to the group through your words, behaviors and actions. This is why organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

Developing value-based leadership supports the creation of shared values needed to achieve sustainable business results together with people and planet well being. This new leadership style requires the leader to move beyond self-interest and act for the whole, helping shift the organization from “me” to “we” in thinking and action. It is a style that is focused on:

Great self-awareness
and mastery

Living more consciously, through choice; becoming more authentic and whole by integrating values as altruism, compassion, gratitude, and purpose into life and business;

Conducting relationships consciously

Developing soft skills and a people-centred style; accessing the wisdom of the group, building consensus, engaging participation and generating trust and care, purpose, happiness and high performing;

Systems intelligence and collective responsibility

Awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence between all life; experiencing an inner calling and sense of responsibility to create a positive impact that contributes to the well-being of People, Profit and Planet.

Program Overview
Public Speaker


Masterclass in Cultural Transformation: How to Build a High-Performing Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is all about how people work together. Unless you understand how people work together, identify what is causing energy drain and loss of productivity, and explore the desired work environment, how can you expect different results? This Masterclass is available in two different formats: delivered by Joanna via Zoom call or in-house workshop, or via a pre-recorded video series. Both delivery methods have their own benefits and suit different budgets.

For more information on Phase 1 please choose one of the following:   
Facilitated Masterclass Workshop, Click HERE          Cost: $1195 CAD/person
        Masterclass Video Series, Click HERE                Cost: $595 CAD/person

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Values Assessment

Values are deeply held principles that people hold to when making decisions. Individuals express their values though their behaviors. With greater self-mastery and awareness, leaders create conscious environments where employees are empowered to co-create and collaborate with others to develop solutions in the best interest of the whole organization, stakeholders and planet. The culture of a conscious business is a source of great strength and stability. Leaders operate with high integrity and transparency, and are flexible and passionate about learning how to improve.

For more information on Phase 2, Click HERE
    Leadership Values Assessment        Cost: $1295 CAD/person   
Leadership Development Report      Cost: $995 CAD/person

Leadership Team Values Assessment  -  Contact for Pricing
Both LVA and LDR include 2 hours of coaching

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Conscious Leadership with Horses©

Building a high performing, values-driven workplace culture takes conscious leadership. This workshop is for executives, and leadership teams who lead and inspire others, to reach the full potential of their organizations. It provides an experiential learning environment for leaders to enhance relational leadership, team building, non-verbal communication skills, self-awareness and well-being.

For more information on Phase 3, Click HERE   
 1-Day Equine Workshop        Cost: $795 CAD/person
   2-Day Equine Workshop        Cost: $1395 CAD/person

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Group Facilitation Training

Move beyond “seat-of-the-pants” facilitation and reliance on instinct, to use the most powerful facilitation methods and processes available. Learn step-by-step approaches to clear thinking, sound decisions, solid consensus and open dialogue. This course is a foundational course for leaders and professional facilitators , and will give you a thorough grounding in facilitation practice.

For more information on Phase 4, Click HERE
2-Day Training Session        Cost: $1195 CAD/person

Team Talk


Conscious Leadership Coaching Circles©

Coaching Circles combine the power of action learning and integral development in coaching to support leaders in creatively tackling the challenges they face while practicing the coaching skills they need on the job. These groups are designed to facilitate learning and sharing on conscious leadership challenges for senior leaders. 

For more information on Phase 5, Click HERE
         9-day, Year--long Program         Cost: $7995 CAD/person

To enroll or ask more questions, contact us HERE