His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Joanna Barclay


How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership


Awaken the LIFE FORCE ENERGY within your people!

Introduction by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Founder of the Art of Living Foundation and the International Association of Human Values

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“There are at least two breakthroughs in this book that can change the way leaders approach transformation in their companies. Conscious Culture is about the values espoused by a company, and how the company and individuals in it can align their value sets to create a powerful positive experience for clients and customers. Barclay’s book shows actual approaches for implementing values and cultural changes in companies. Her decades of experience and concrete stories makes Conscious Culture compelling reading. And none too soon since executive everywhere are puzzling with the new reality of forced transformation from external drivers.

Bill Staples, Principal
ICA Associates, IAF Hall of Fame


Recommended Audience
  • Leaders and leadership teams who are leading transformational change

  • Human resource managers who are responsible for creating a healthy and productive workplace culture

  • Change management consultants who are working with leadership teams and organizations going through changes that impacts employees and how they work together

The Book
  • Change is the new norm of the society and it’s having a devastating impact on organizations. In North America, employee engagement is between 26 – 30%, in Europe between 13-18%, and in Southeast Asia between 6 – 12%. That’s a huge amount of untapped employee potential that organizations are paying for but not realizing!

  • In Conscious Culture, Joanna Barclay shares 30 years of business transformation experience. With her ABCs of cultural change, she provides a blueprint for igniting the life force energy in values that fuel a high performing, value-driven organization.

  • Leaders learn the importance of transformational facilitative leadership and how to tap into the wisdom of the organization, unify employees, and connect hearts and minds, to create a culture where employees are inspired and enabled to meet the new business paradigm of the 21st century.

This book is for leaders who want to:

  • Become an employer of choice and build a high performing workplace

  • Learn how to generate greater employee engagement and increase productivity

  • Build a new culture after a merger or acquisition


"Joanna Barclay has written an intelligent book on the culture of progressive management. She touches on important issues and proposes practical solutions. As a former senior manager in the Canadian public service and Canadian Ambassador to Japan and China, I can recommend this book to managers in North America, Asia and elsewhere who wish to engage and motivate their employees in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving global markets."

Rob Wright – Former Canadian Deputy Minister of Trade, and
Canadian Ambassador to China and Japan


"I have started reading the book, and it is very inspiring. I am very encouraged, even though I have only just started reading. I am reading every page – Nelson Mandela page, acknowledgements, introduction, background and the preface. It’s like a delicious ice-cream that I am having and I want to take it slowly so as to allow the taste to linger."

Aries Yeo – FWA Treasurer & Membership Chair

"I have been reading your book and it is superb."

Pat Longshore – VP Global Educators Network,
Duke Corporate Education

"I love your book so far.. Last weekend after a particular difficult week, I decided to take some “me time” and I started reading your book. I must say (and at the risk of sounding cheesy) it was as if I was receiving a message from Heaven, I saw the some light and it reactivated my thought process and made me realize that I was going at change the wrong way.. All this to say that your book, thus far, has provided me with guidance and has reassured me that I will get to where I need to be with this team, but in due time."

Director General, Government of Canada

"For leaders aspiring to develop a high performing workplace to sustain your business, Joanna Barclay’s “Conscious Culture” is an excellent book. It provides rich insight for the growing number of organizations and leaders who share the need for conscious leadership in business. Every chapter reflects Joanna’s passion to impart and share her 30 years of business transformation experiences and also tools to help any leader or organization establish a conscious culture for the world today."

David Hsiao – Managing Director, Ardentec, Singapore

"It is a wonderful piece of creation. Keep up your transformational work !! The world badly needs Conscious Leaders!!!"

Sivasubramanian V. – Chief Materials Engineering Consultant

"Conscious Culture is a very good book that I found very informative and answered many of my unanswered questions."

Dr. Ariffin – Director of Health Informatics, Institut Jantung Negara
- National Heart Institute, Malaysia

"I have struggled to find good books about organization culture until I read Joanna’s. She has kindly shared her experience in an easy to read format that constantly provoked my thinking both around organizational and individual’s contribution to creating a Conscious Culture. We are fighting against poor engagement by staff members. Joanna directs you how to reverse the current downward trend. A must read."

Robin Speculand – Bridges Consultancy, Global Pioneer in Strategy Implementation

"The ethics office of Employment and Social Development Canada, one of the federal government departments in Canada, is responsible for preparing a list of reference materials for the ethics advisors/officers to read and learn from. “Conscious Culture” has been included as part of the list of “Recommended Reference Material” in that list."

Ben Po – Special Advisor, ESPD, Government of Canada

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The Author

Joanna Barclay
CEO & Founder, Culture Leadership Group


Joanna Barclay, CEO and founder of the Culture Leadership Group, is passionate about sharing with leaders the power and potential of working with values to build high performing organization.

Discovering your true purpose in life connects to your inner passion for living. This is what Joanna discovered in 2000, after taking a facilitative leadership course. There was a deep inner knowing that this was the work she was born to fulfil. Now, every time she  speaks or facilitates, it’s in the role of servant leadership, helping leaders create a culture of participation by developing collaborative connections, increasing team synergy, and building consensus. Being a facilitative leader gives her the opportunity to facilitate change by the people, for the people. Empowering leaders to be the best FOR  the world, not just the best IN the world.

In 2010 she was introduced to the Barrett Values Centre and since then has been a Cultural Transformation Consultant and Trainer, enabling organisations to map, measure and manage their workplace culture through Cultural Values Assessments. Her discovery that personal values are a source of life force energy, excellence, and high performance has inspired her to share the power of values with leaders around the globe.

In her keynote talks, and work with teams and leaders, Joanna shares deep insights into the human dynamics of change, effective relationships and communication. She was the Canadian director of the TLEX Program (Transformational Leadership for Excellence), a gold standard in leadership development that enables individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

Joanna has worked with a wide variety of clients across North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, including federal, provincial, and municipal government departments, multi-national corporations, associations, and non-profits. She has years of business analysis, application development, and sales experience with major IT companies such as Oracle Corporation and HP Enterprise.

Joanna recently moved back to Ottawa, Canada from living in Singapore for five years. She is married with three children.  A loving wife and mother, she counts these as the most meaningful of all roles in her life and a constant source of love, inspiration and growth.