Growth and Support Through Leadership Peer Groups

Conscious Leadership Coaching Circles©

As a senior leader, does it sometimes feel lonely at the top? 
Could you benefit from the latest research on leadership? 
Would new insights on how to improve the performance of your organization be of interest? 
Could you learn from other leaders in a variety of fields and also be willing to share your wisdom?

Conscious Leadership Coaching Circles© are designed to facilitate learning and sharing on conscious leadership challenges for senior leaders.


A conscious leader will purposefully cultivate a conscious culture that takes care of the well being of people, profit and planet where employees can bring their full selves to work. In this kind of engaged environment, retention and burnout cease to be an issue because employees are at their full human potential, energized and passionate about their work. This results in higher performing organizations, in harmony with their environment.


Coaching Circles combine the power of action learning and integral development in coaching to support leaders in creatively tackling the challenges they face while practicing the coaching skills they need on the job.

Discussing the Numbers

Together We Are Better

How do coaching circles work?

In the action learning tradition, a small group of 6 to 12 leaders comes together to meet on a regular basis. During these meetings, each person successively uses their own “airtime” to present an issue or challenge related to their conscious leadership practice and to receive coaching and advice from the rest of the group.

What is the impact of coaching circles?

Coaching circles provide a unique opportunity for people to observe themselves and to observe others in action. Each time the group connects, engages in a dialogue and works together within defined airtimes, windows into each other’s worlds open up. Participants emerge with new insights on their leadership practice. 

How is the program structured?
  • 1 year program

  • 9 fully interactive days from 9:00am - 4:00pm 

  • Days are split between interactive conference style talks and peer coaching/sharing 

  • First session includes a full introduction to conscious leadership and reviews the principles of coaching circles 

  • Subsequent sessions include talks on pertinent subjects such as culture transformation, corporate burnout, and sustainable leadership

  • 1 full day participating in our Conscious Leadership with Horses© program at the farm

Note: Participants in the Conscious Leadership Coaching Circle© program are specifically curated so that there is no industry overlap. We are cognizant of protecting participant's proprietary information and potential sensitive situations and want everyone to be able to share fully and unfiltered.

  • Improved performance of your organization through conscious leadership

  • Gaining new perspectives and creatively tackling issues and challenges you face

  • Opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with other senior leaders

  • Informal discussions and networking over lunch provided at each session

  • Possibility to reflect on your leadership practice and bring it to a new level

  • A new and effective kind of professional development

  • A short free webinar introducing the basic elements of this year-long leadership journey and a comprehensive question and answer period

  • Conscious Culture eBook and Audio Book (a value of $50)

  • On-line access to a series of short capsules on leadership (a value of $300)

  • Phone and email access throughout the year to discuss any conscious leadership issues and challenges (a value of $2,000)

  • Private curated Facebook peer group

Bonus Material
Investment of $7995 CAD/person
2020 Dates Coming Soon
OPTIONS: Peer Group (In Person or Virtual)
In-House Teams (In Person or Virtual) 

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